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David Diodate

David Diodate

Born in Tampa, Florida, David Diodate lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama. He studied Art History at the University of South Florida and graduated in 1993. Prior to graduation, he studied in Paris, France. This opportunity came with the requirement, that while in Paris, he produce photographic essays. To prepare, he studied the work of early photography pioneers such as Cameron, Nadar and Stieglitz and then found himself drawn to the contemporary work of Doug and Mike Starn, Sally Mann and Richard Avedon. He has been producing camera-based work ever since this first exploration of the medium, and exhibits his work both locally and regionally.

Photography, for Diodate, is an act of experimentation and a dialogue with historical processes and materials that produces a narrative indicative of nostalgia and the past. It is also a quiet and slow study of the qualities and possibilities of the process of photography. He allows his work and style to inhabit arenas that are dark, but deeply emotional and generous. By utilizing forgotten places and discarded ephemera as his subject matter, Diodate produces his own unique time capsules and hymnals of the Southern landscape. His photographs radiate with energy, and contain within the frame, minute details that reveal moments of great significance and subtlety.