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Doug Pierre Baulos

Doug Pierre Baulos

Douglas Pierre Baulos received his BFA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and his MFA from the University of New Orleans. He is currently the Assistant Professor of Drawing at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and in 2009 he received the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching at UAB. His works are in many private and public collections including the Museum of Modern Art, the J.P. Getty Museum and the Birmingham Museum of Art. He regularly teaches workshops and lectures on his research in book arts, drawing and visual ecology. Baulos’s collages, installations and books have been exhibited and published both nationally and internationally.

His current works are explorations (visual) and meditations (poetry) centering on his ideas of spirituality, love, death, shelter, and hope. Books and collages with hidden layers because of their exterior/interior format, as well as their sequential ordering, have been a lifelong fascination. Throughout his artistic career, his work has been wildly influenced by southern literature, especially Harper Lee and Carson McCullers. He mirrors their interest in the subliminal, unremarkable, and overlooked–within exquisite emotional landscapes–by expressing the oscillation of hope and despair while exploring the boundaries and intersections within the nature of identity. These works allow the viewer to be guided through a thought process, as well as evoking time, journey, text, and image in an intimate fashion. Hopefully, the Pocket Merlin works explode process into an embodied visual narrative, a map of our inner life.