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E. Bruce Phillips, Jr.

E. Bruce Phillips, Jr.

E. Bruce Phillips, Jr. received his BA from Morehouse College and his MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He has been an Associate Art Professor at Tuskegee University since 2009 and was awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Alabama State Council on the Arts in 2016. Phillips has exhibited at the SCAD Museum of Art, the Johnson Center, the Legacy Museum at Tuskegee University, the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University, the Birmingham Public Library, the Beech Institute, the City of Savannah Gallery and the Savannah College of Art and Design.

This exhibition features artwork from the past two years, revealing Phillips’ most recent concerns with the binaries of interior and exterior, form and space and representation and abstraction. Created as a synthesis of painting, drawing and collage, the works fuse formal concerns with the representational image, which can be seen in his inclusion of photographs of exterior spaces and architectural elements. Photographs taken by the artist are the starting point of his compositions and he utilizes them to explore spatial relationships, abstracted forms and the lines of perspective found in each image.