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HPL Galleries: Artist Talk Series with Ty Smith

HPL Galleries: Artist Talk Series with Ty Smith

Meet artist and educator, Ty Smith in this Zoom artist talk. Ty will discuss and share his artwork through his website in this pre-recorded virtual event. This is a wonderful way to engage with the work of an artist and learn about their practice and subject matter.

Ty Smith is a leading figure in Alabama’s visual arts community. His work exemplifies perfectly the philosophical and aesthetic directions contemporary painting is currently shifting towards. Smith’s approach to the canvas is congruent the Color Field and Minimalist painting movements of the post-war era and his methodical process is loaded with tradition and experimentation.

Smith is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. He graduated from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa in 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. While working on his undergraduate degree, Smith studied with Professor Alvin C. Sella. In 2006, Smith moved to Oklahoma where he received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Tulsa in 2009. In Tulsa, he studied with painter Mark Lewis, as well as artists Deborah Kahn and Stanley Lewis, during a summer program at the Chautauqua School of Art. Smith currently resides and works in Birmingham, Alabama, teaching as Adjunct Faculty for the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Auburn University. He has exhibited in Heidelberg, London, New York, San Francisco, the Durbin Gallery of Birmingham Southern College, and most recently, at the Alabama School of Fine Arts.