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Jürgen Tarrasch

Jürgen Tarrasch

Jürgen Tarrasch was born to German parents in Pisz, Poland (formerly Johannisburg, East Prussia). At the age of 15, he moved with his family to West Germany, where he completed his primary education. In 1993, Jürgen received his MFA degree in painting and wall painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, where he studied with Polish masters Professor Jan Tarasin and Professor Edward Tarkowski. In 1997, he was awarded a grant from the Federal Republic of Germany to attend the European Center for Conservation and Historic Preservation in San Servolo/Venice, Italy, to further his study of the art of conserving and restoring frescos and other Renaissance and Baroque art forms.

Jürgen has lived and worked in Birmingham, Alabama since 1999. He maintains a studio at Wade Sand and Gravel and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions. He has also worked on a number of special art and conservation projects. Jürgen currently teaches painting at Birmingham-Southern College. He is responsible for the restoration of the historic plasterwork in the Jefferson Tower building in downtown Birmingham.

Artist Statement:

I often think about what I visualize in my mind and what I reflect back in the form of my artwork. For me, nature – universally present – is the archetype and the vehicle through which I interpret my ideas. I think about my observations of the simple elements of nature, for example branches, leaves and vines. I have always been interested in redefining these elements using rough geometric shapes and lines as a way to transfer my thoughts to brushstrokes on canvas or paper. To enhance the composition and reflect both the freshness and the withering of nature, I often use paints that I mix myself using dry pigments. It is the pattern of repetitive images, placed at different angles next to each other, and in different sizes and colors, that gives a sense of movement in my work.