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Michael Willett

Michael Willett

Michael Willett currently lives and works in Birmingham, AL. He is as an Assistant Professor of Art and director of the foundations program at the University of Montevallo. He holds a MFA in Painting and Post-Grad degree in Museum Studies from the University of Cincinnati and a BFA in painting from the University of Montevallo. Space & Order is the newest body of work by Michael Willett. While reflecting on the broad history of abstraction, Willett utilizes appropriation as an approach to creating non-objective collages and mixed media works on canvas. Reproductions of works by other artists are meticulously dissected and reconfigured into repetitive patterns and dense structures. Fragmentation, intricate layering and juxtaposition of textures and rhythms help produce these complex compositions. The work centers on this unique process, which is heavily influenced by the collaging techniques of various sample based musicians. Astronomy, Dutch Vanitas painting and the geometric structure of the grid also inform the work and suggest spirituality and cosmic unity. As a whole, Space & Order examines how deconstructed samples of existing works of art can be combined and reinterpreted into a new visual experience that embraces a balance of order and chaos.

His work has been exhibited internationally and acquired in both private collections, as well as public institutions. Recent exhibition venues include: Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Tennessee Valley Museum of Art, LOVE Art Fair in Toronto, South Bend Museum of Art, 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago, Ernest Rubenstein Gallery and Pratt Manhattan Gallery in NYC. Recent Publications include New American Paintings, vol. 118.