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Photographs from Shot in Alabama by Frances Osborn Robb

Photographs from Shot in Alabama by Frances Osborn Robb

Shot in Alabama: A History of Photography is a visual and textual narrative of Alabama’s photographic history from 1839 to 1941. It describes the phenomenon of photography as practiced in Alabama as a major cultural force, paying close attention to the particular contexts from which each image emerges and the fragments of microhistory that each image documents.

This exhibition focuses on photographs made between the years of 1885 and 1937. All works are reproductions made from scans of the original photographs that were provided by Frances Osborn Robb and Alabama photographer, Pinky Bass. This survey of early Alabama photography not only includes native Alabamians that were pioneers of the new medium, but also photographers such as Walker Evans and Dorthea Lange, who produced some of the most iconic images in the history of Alabama photography.

Photographers: The Russell Brothers, James N. Byrd, Walker Evans, Draffus L. Hightower, Robert Shattuck Hodges, Frances Benjamin Johnson, Mary Morgan Keipp, Dorthea Lange, Sarah Cofield McGehee, Arthur Rothstein, Eugene Allen Smith and Lois Slosson Sundberg

Author and historian Frances Osborn Robb has spent twenty-five years researching Alabama photographers and photographs while serving as a consultant on the state’s cultural history and historic photography for museums, archives and libraries. In her search for information and images, she has visited every county in Alabama and roamed as far as Maine and California to study photographs in institutional repositories and family collections.

Lecture by Frances Osborn Robb
Thursday May 9, 6pm in The Library Theatre
Reception: 5:30-8pm