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Current Exhibitions

Michael Willett currently lives and works in Birmingham, AL. He is as an Assistant Professor of Art and director of the foundations program at the University of Montevallo. He holds a MFA in Painting and Post-Grad degree in Museum Studies from the University of Cincinnati and a BFA in painting from the University of Montevallo. Space & Order is the newest body of work by Michael Willett. While reflecting on the broad history of abstraction, Willett utilizes appropriation as an approach to creating non-objective collages and mixed media works on canvas.

Professor of Art at the University of Montevallo and artist, Misty Bennett, collaborated with the Hoover Public Library Galleries to organize this student show and survey of contemporary abstract painting in Alabama. Abstraction in contemporary painting circles is currently experiencing a phenomenal resurgence and a whole new generation of painters are exploring its possibilities and building upon the work of artists from movements such as Geometric Abstraction, Minimalism, Color Field, Abstract Expressionism, Tachisme and Fauvism.

Debo Groover was raised in Savannah, Georgia and received an MFA from the University of Georgia in ceramics. She has had a successful career as a potter and an itinerate teacher traveling throughout the United States. Although she is formally trained in ceramics, she is self-taught in the use of polymer clay. In both a fortuitous and naive exploration of this new material, she applied every technique she had learned in ceramics and subsequently broke every rule in polymer clay.