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Kidzone Blog

Creepy Crawlies in Our Kidz Kitchen

Usually, you do NOT want bugs in your kitchen . . . especially when you're actually making something to eat.  But our next big Saturday event, Fly Guy Kidz Kitchen, is an exception to this rule.   Fly Guy will be in our youth program room on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. to help us make creepy crawly snacks.  We'll be preparing a 3-course meal of Earthworm Salad, Caterpillar Ka-bobs and Spider Donuts.  And we'll wash it all down with bug juice, of course!  Kidz Kitchen chefs will also get a Fly Guy head piece to wear while they design their own bug apron.  You do not have to register for this fun event.  Simply follow the stars to our Kidz Kitchen.  

Check out Fly Guy books by Tedd Arnold before or after the party.  You can find them under E  ARN  BEGINNING READER.

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Marta! Big & Small

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15-October 15, 2016, and this weekend is the 14th annual Fiesta Birmingham, Alabama's largest celebration of Hispanic culture and heritage.  Representatives from Hoover Public Library will be at Linn Park in Birmingham, and we hope you will too!  Looking for another way to honor Hispanic Heritage Month?  Try this great new bilingual picture book by Jen Arena, illustrated by Angela Dominguez.

Marta! Big & Small
Marta is una niña, an ordinary girl . . . with some extraordinary animal friends! As Marta explores the jungle, she knows she's bigger than a bug, smaller than an elephant, and faster than a turtle. But then she meets the snake, who thinks Marta is sabrosa—tasty, very tasty! But Marta is ingeniosa, a very clever girl, and she outsmarts the snake with hilarious results. This fun read-aloud teaches little ones to identify opposites and animals and learn new words.

Target Age: 
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Picture Book to the Rescue!

I just LOVE Mike Austin picture books. Last year, I was particularly taken with Fire Engine No 9. It shadowed a fire engine and its crew through a busy day, telling the story using mostly sound words. This year, Austin follows up with Rescue Squad No 9, which tracks a boat that rescues a girl and her dog when their sailboat is caught in a storm. This new story also uses onomatopoeia and repetitive vocabulary to emphasize the story's action. And there is plenty of action. It's an intense rescue mission after all!

Trenton Lee Stewart, the author of The Mysterious Benedict Society series, has a new book out this week!  He invites readers to join the adventure, decipher the clues, and ask themselves the question: Is knowing a secret a gift or a curse?

The Secret Keepers
Parkour practitioner Reuben Pedley has been having a hard time since his mom lost her job and they had to move to a different (and poorer) part of the city. Friendless, he spends his days avoiding the Directions, the enforcement officers of the mysterious Smoke, who runs the city. On one of these afternoons, he finds a very interesting object after getting himself stuck on a ledge while he was supposed to be at home. What he discovers crammed in the masonry of a wall is an extremely old pocket watch that he is certain is worth a large sum and might just help him and his mother leave the poor part of town. Instead, he realizes that the watch has a little bit of magic in it, which gives him a special ability. Regrettably, the Directions learn of the presence of the watch, and they will stop at nothing to bring it to the Smoke. Only Reuben and his newfound friends have what it takes to solve the mystery of the watch and save their city.

Banned Books Week is here!  Defend the First Amendment and read a banned book September 25-October 1, 2016.  You can choose from the Top Ten Most Challenged Books of 2015 (click here to watch the video) or one of the titles featured on the many lists available on the official Banned Books Week website.  They have lists about frequently challenged children's books, teen books, books by authors of color, books with diverse content, and classics.



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