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It's true that most of the Underground Railroad was actually above ground, but it's a part of history that unfolded in secrecy and shadows.  This week's nonfiction helps bring it to the light.  Click on the blue title to see if the book you want is available.  Click here for a printable list complete with call numbers.
1. Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad by Marlene Targ Brill
2. Fleeing to Freedom on the Underground Railroad: The Courageous Slaves, Agents, and Conductors by Elaine Landau
3. Freedom Roads: Searching for the Underground Railroad by Joyce Hansen & Gary McGowan
4. Freedom's A-Calling Me by Ntozake Shange
5. Harriet and the Promised Land by Jacob Lawrence
6. Harriet Tubman: Hero of the Underground Railroad by Lori Mortensen
8. I Am Harriet Tubman by Grace Norwich
9. If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine
10. Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom by Carole Boston Weatherford
11. Slavery and the Underground Railroad: Bound for Freedom by Carin T. Ford
12. Underground by Shane W. Evans
13. The Underground Railroad by Lucia Raatma
14. The Underground Railroad for Kids: From Slavery to Freedom with 21 Activities by Mary Kay Carson
15. When Harriet Met Sojourner by Catherine Clinton

You can find all sorts of history and riches buried underground . . . and between the pages of this week's nonfiction books.  What will you uncover?  Click on the blue title to see if the book you want is available.  Click here for a printable list complete with call numbers.
1. Archaeologists Dig for Clues by Kate Duke
2. Archaeology for Kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past: 25 Activities by Richard Panchyk
3. Diamonds and Gemstones by Ron Edwards & Lisa Dickie
4. Digging for Troy: From Homer to Hisarlik by Jill Rubalcaba
5. Digging Into the Past: Pioneers of Archaeology by Lorna Greenberg
6. Digging Up History by Lisa Jane Gillespie
7. Eyewitness Treasure by Philip Steele
8. Gold by Salvatore Tocci
9. The Gold Rush: Buried Treasure by Barbara A. Somervil
10. The Hero Schliemann: The Dreamer Who Dug for Troy by Laura Amy Schlitz
11. History Detectives: Archaeologists by Richard Spilsbury
12. How to Get Rich in the California Gold Rush: An Adventurer's Guide to the Fabulous Riches Discovered in 1848 by Tod Olson
13. Lost Treasure of the Inca by Peter Lourie
14. Mary Leakey: Archaeologist Who Really Dug Her Work by Mike Venezia
15. A Rock Is Lively by Dianna Hutts Aston
16. Stones and Bones!: How Archaeologists Trace Human Origins
17. Treasure Hunting: Looking for Lost Riches by Caitlin Scott
18. The Usborne Introduction to Archaeology: Internet-Linked by Abigail Wheatley & Struan Reid
19. Wretched Ruins by Steven L. Stern

For eight summers in a row, beginning in 1991, I attended Music and Arts Week at Camp Sumatanga in Gallant, Alabama.  It is a sleepaway camp devoted mostly to singing, but it dabbled in all the art forms.  It was the highlight of my summer from age 11 to 18.  Music Camp was always the week of Fourth of July, so I get a little reminiscent this time of year.  I've let it inspire me to put together a list of great books about camp.  If you love summer camp, you'll love them.  If you've never had a chance to go to camp yourself, you'll still love these books.  In fact, once you've read one, you'll feel like a camper.
Amelia's Itchy-Twitchy, Lovey-Dovey Summer at Camp Mosquito by Marissa Moss
Anyway* by Arthur Salm
Applewhites at Wit's End by Stephanie S. Tolan
Attack of the Fluffy Bunnies by Andrea Beaty
Beach Volleyball Is No Joke by Anita Yasuda
Cara the Camp Fairy by Daisy Meadows
Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Summer Vacation by Tommy Greenwald
Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel by Steve Cotler
Detective Camp by Ron Roy
Don't Wobble on the Wakeboard! by Chris Kreie
Doughnuts, Dreams and Drama Queens by Leila Rasheed
Emma All Stirred Up! by Coco Simon
Horse Camp by Nicole Helget & Nate LeBoutillier
In It to Win It by Melissa J. Morgan
Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire by Brenda A. Ferber
Justin Case: Shells, Smells, and the Horrible Flip-Flops of Doom by Rachel Vail
Like Bug Juice on a Burger by Julie Sternberg

First, he introduced us to Petunia, the girl obsessed with skunks.  Now, Paul Schmid wants to present Oliver, the boy who uses an alligator to deal with something scary -- the first day of school.  What do you mean "Who's Paul Schmid?"  He's the incredibly talented author/illustrator of these picture books.  Pick one up from the Hoover Public Library and get acquainted.
1. A Pet for Petunia
2. Hugs from Pearl
3. Petunia Goes Wild
4. Perfectly Percy
5. Oliver and His Alligator (release date = today, June 25, 2013)
Also illustrated these books.
The Wonder Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Peanut and Fifi Have a Ball by Randall De Sève