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The world of Erin Hunter has actually been created by a collaboration of five authors -- Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, Victoria Holmes, Gillian Philip, and Tui Sutherland -- and the result is impressive.  There are currently four complete Warriors series (with the first in a fifth series, Warriors: Dawn of the Clans: The Sun Trail coming March 5, 2013), five super editions, five field guides, and numerous manga books.  There are also two Seekers series and a Survivors series.  The exploits of these cats, bears, and dogs have completely captivated young readers with their themes of courage, hard work, loyalty, and inner strength.  Have you read them all?

Have you ever noticed an accidental trend in your reading?  A central theme that ties books together that you didn't notice when you picked them up?  This happens to me all the time, and the most recent incident involved codes and ciphers.  I checked out a teen book, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, on my sister's recommendation.  And my hold on the second title in The Code Busters Club, The Haunted Lighthouse by Penny Warner, arrived almost simultaneously.  Both are excellent and sparked an interest in code making and breaking.  When you read them, you'll be curious too.  So, here's a list of books available at Hoover Public Library to satisfy that curiosity.