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The Kidzone has programs galore as well as books, movies, and other cool stuff. Read our blog below for more information and check out our upcoming events to get an idea of what's happening at the Kidzone! Our main phone number is 205.444.7830.

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Naomi Shihab Nye is our new Young People's Poet Laureate.  She is the seventh person given the post by the Poetry Foundation, but she is the first Arab American.   Nye succeeds Margarita Engle and will serve 2019-2021.  Find her work on the shelves at Hoover Public Library.  You'll be glad you did!

Before they were famous, they were kids, struggling with regular-kid problems like bullies, homework, and arguments with their siblings. Inspiring anecdotes and playful illustrations reveal the relatable childhood escapades of future legends.  Book 6 in the Kid Legends series is now available!  

Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood from Champions of Change by Robin Stevenson (09/24/19)
J  361.2  STE
Every activist started out as a kid—and in some cases they were kids when their activism began! But even the world’s greatest champions of civil liberties had relatable interests and problems–often in the middle of extraordinary circumstances. Martin Luther King, Jr. loved fashion, and argued with his dad about whether or not dancing was a sin. Harvey Milk had a passion for listening to opera music in different languages. Dolores Huerta was once wrongly accused of plagiarizing in school.  Kid Activists tells these childhood stories and more through kid-friendly texts and full-color cartoon illustrations on nearly every page. The diverse and inclusive group encompasses Susan B. Anthony, James Baldwin, Ruby Bridges, Frederick Douglass, Alexander Hamilton, Dolores Huerta, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Iqbal Masih, Harvey Milk, Janet Mock, Rosa Parks, Autumn Peltier, Emma Watson, and Malala Yousafzai.

Some kids have a hard time sitting still.  That makes reading aloud to them seem impossible.  But I have good news!  It only SEEMS impossible.  Here are some helpful hints to keep your active child engaged in the story you are trying to share.

1. Pick interactive books. 
Whether it’s searching for something on each page or touching parts of the picture, a book that actively draws a reader in can help keep them engaged during storytime.

2. Let them do something with their hands. 
Pass out the crayons or play dough or give them a puzzle to do while you read aloud to them. If they can keep their hands busy and their attention focused on a task, they may be more willing to listen to the story.

The Crayons' Christmas by Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers (10/15/19)

'Tis the season for all of us to write our holiday wishlists. But everyone--even the crayons--know the best presents are the ones that you give. In this unique book, readers get to see how Duncan, the crayons, and their families celebrate the holidays. With real, folded letters from the Crayons that you can pull from their envelopes and read, games, punch-out ornaments, a poster, and a pop-up tree, this book is the perfect gift for fans of The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home.

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The Classroom Bookshelf, a School Library Journal blog, is one of my favorite resources.  Their mission statement says it all.  "Our mission here is twofold: to review the most recent works of children’s and young adult literature and to provide you with a variety of ideas and resources to help you incorporate these texts into your K-12 classroom teaching."  A post from September, Picture Books That Inspire Joy and Encourage Play, seemed a perfect match for this bustling holiday season.  We're so busy, we often don't take time to have fun.  And we're so stressed that joy seems an impossibility.  Read the post, then find the titles at Hoover Public Library.  And then, my friends, experience JOY.

Joy by Corrinne Averiss
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