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The Kidzone has programs galore as well as books, movies, and other cool stuff. Read our blog below for more information and check out our upcoming events to get an idea of what's happening at the Kidzone! Our main phone number is 205.444.7830.

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Kidzone Blog

The ultimate DIY guides, each Maker Comics graphic novel includes inspiring illustrated step-by-step instructions as well as an entertaining story.  The Hoover Public Library already has the first two titles in the series, and the next two are on their way.  You can find them all under J  MAK  GRAPHIC NOVEL.  See anything that YOU would be interested in making? 

Oge Mora burst onto the publishing scene last year with Thank You, Omu!, a 2019 Caldecott Honor and winner of the 2019 Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe New Talent Illustrator Award.  Her debut book was quickly embraced across classrooms and libraries around the country.  I have planned an entire Story Lab around it!  (If you're 3-8 years old, I hope you'll join me for Thankful to Learn on Monday, November 4, 2019 at 4 p.m.)  That's why it's so exciting that she's created another book.

Saturday by Oge Mora (10/22/19)
Today would be special. Today would be splendid. It was Saturday! But sometimes, the best plans don't work out exactly the way you expect....  In this heartfelt and universal story, a mother and daughter look forward to their special Saturday routine together every single week. But this Saturday, one thing after another goes wrong--ruining storytime, salon time, picnic time, and the puppet show they'd been looking forward to going to all week. Mom is nearing a meltdown...until her loving daughter reminds her that being together is the most important thing of all.  

Read School Library Journal's interview with Oge Mora.

Get ready to explore three different aspects of Alabama culture and history that relates to flight at Alabama Soars!  This exciting Full STEAM Ahead event is landing on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at 4 p.m.  Flight enthusiasts 6-12 years old will create a "Red-Tail" paper airplane and see how the cruising altitude holds up on the landing pad as they learn about the famous Tuskeegee Airmen!  They'll also celebrate the official Alabama state insect, the monarch butterfly, as they begin their migration for the season by creating a watercolor Monarch to take home.  And don't forget about the state agricultural insect, the Queen honeybee.  They'll participate in one of the honeybee's important jobs - pollination!  You can sign up to soar online or by phone (205-444-7830) beginning 10/22/19.

Are you ready for ghoulish and ghastly fun at our annual Halloween event?  We are, too!  You'll enjoy fearsome delights with some of your favorite spooky friends: Scooby-Doo, Ghostbusters, and The Addams Family.  Costumes are encouraged; fun is mandatory!  Here's a sneak peek of everything happening at SPOOKTACULAR on Friday, October 25, 2019 at 7 p.m.

Enter the Addams Family Mansion in the Theatre Level.
Make a Puff Ball Monster reminiscent of Cousin It, and feed Aristotle the octopus.  Discover steam science with Uncle Fester, and learn the Fencing Mamushka Dance with Gomez.  And don't forget to deadhead the roses with Morticia.

Take a grave journey through Disney's Haunted Mansion in the Fiction Department.
Make a crystal ball with Madame Leota, and design your own Haunted Mansion.  Get an airbrush tattoo memento of the evening.

Celebrate 50 years of Scooby-Doo and the Gang in the Kid Zone!
Navigate the mystery door maze, and hunt for Velma's lost glasses.  Make a bag look like your favorite scaredy-dog, and craft a Scooby collar of your very own, then get ready to dance with Boot Scootin' Scooby.  And, BONUS!, make a Casper lollipop ghost.  (I love Casper the Friendly Ghost.  That was my first Halloween costume!)

There's something strange in the Nonfiction and Teen Departments.  Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!
Go through Ghost Trap Training, and transform yourself into the Marshmallow Man.  Capture Slimer in a sensory bag in the Ectoplasm Containment Unit.  Create an official Ghostbusters symbol.

The Plaza is now The Deep Dark Woods.  Enter if you dare.
Enjoy a ghost story around the campfire, then eat traditional camping fare -- hot dogs and s'mores trail mix.  Sculpt a spooky tree silhouette, and keep your eyes peeled for a Sasquatch sighting.

"Fear is such a commonplace emotion, particularly for children, and yet it’s the emotion that gets all the bad press. Sure, you can have fiery, furious Anger; gleeful, happy-clappy Joy; weeping and wailing Sadness; and disapproving Disgust, but for some reason Fear is the one that folks don’t want to talk about or explore, especially with children. This is folly, and I’m going to try and explain why."

Intrigued by this thought from author Curtis Jobling?  Make sure you read the entire article on Brightly -- A Good Scare: How Horror Books Can Help Kids Conquer Their Fear.  Then head to the Kid Zone to check out a few scary books.