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This is the final week of summer reading!  Since our Monday summer storytime series ended last week, I've put together a DIY storytime for you using Tumblebooks.  Our website looks a bit different since my last Tumblebooks Storytime, so here's how you can find it online.  Go to our website and click the blue BOOKS rectangle.  Scroll down to Tumblebooks and click on LINK TO RESOURCE.  You will be asked to enter your library card number in order to continue to the Tumblebooks website.  Once there, click on the INDEX tab to see an alphabetical list of books.  Use the alphabet buttons at the top to narrow your search for the titles.

When I was young, I loved going to amusement parks and county fairs in the summertime, mostly because of the rides.  My dad and I would go on all of them.  My sister would go on a few.  My mom?  Absolutely none.  Luckily, there's more to amusement parks than just the rides.  You might not visit an amusement park this summer, but you can recreate some of the fun at home using these ideas.

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.
Today and tomorrow are yet to be said.
The chances, the changes are all yours to make.
The mold of your life is in your hands to break.

The theme song for this week's movie spotlight seems especially fitting for this time.  It reminds us that, while we don't know what's coming next and some things are out of our control, there are things we CAN control.  And we can view it as an adventure rather than an ordeal.

The 1977 animated television special of The Hobbit is one of my favorite movies.  I still watch it regularly even now at age 40.  It introduced me to the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.  And, while I love the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit live-action trilogies, this animated classic still holds a special place in my heart.

The library's annual Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fest is here!  And you know what that makes me think about?  Cosplay!  Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game.  It's costume play!  Superheroes are a pretty common choice.  Do you want to dress up like a superhero?  Why not turn yourself into Kitty, the star of this first chapter book series?  She's a girl by day, a cat by night.  And she's ready for an adventure.

I know that most people are not excited about the approaching school year.  There's a lot of anxiety about all of the unknowns.  That's completely understandable.  But I encourage you to find and focus on the things that will be good.  Like school supplies.  I love school supplies!  I get super excited when I see that Target starts stocking tons of notebooks, pencils, markers, and other items needed to start a new academic year.  In 2019, I went a bit overboard and bought eight new notebooks.  Eight!  This year I showed considerable restraint.  I have purchased just two.  If you are also a school supplies enthusiast, you'll definitely enjoy this imaginative, inspiring, and colorful follow-up to When Pencil Met Eraser!