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Today is National Pizza Party Day!  Now this is a holiday worth celebrating!  Here's what you need to have the best NPPD ever!

1. You need pizza.
You can order some for delivery, grab a frozen one from the grocery store, or whip up your own -- like these octopus-shaped pizzas or pizza bagels.  Sometimes it's hard to decide what toppings to include, especially if you have a larger family with a variety of preferences.  These cute pizza order forms will help you get organized.  Don't want something savory?  Why not try mini fruit pizzas or a pizza with a watermelon crust?

I've been getting SO MANY EMAILS from publishers, librarians, and other book-pushing entities.  They have been tremendously helpful to me during the last few months, especially for keeping up with what's been published while I've been tucked away in my house.  They've also helped me write many of the blogs you've seen here since March 16.  In fact, I'm using one of those resources today.  Publisher HarperCollins has a children's school and library hub called HarperStacks.  That website had a superb resource for hosting a Middle Grade Book Club using new titles.  I have already read two of the titles, so I know for a fact they are good.  The third title is by an author I have previously read (and loved), and the final title is by a debut novelist.  All four titles are available instantly via Hoopla.

This is the first in a short weekly blog series to help us kick off our imagination-fueled Summer Reading.  Each week I'll focus on ways you can take something very basic and turn it into something spectacular.  This week's focus is on cardboard tubes.  I live alone, but I'm often surprised with how many paper towel and toilet paper tubes I can collect.  And collect them I do!  I use them quite a lot in Story Lab.  Even though I wasn't able to finish out this season's Story Lab, I'm still collecting.  They hang in a bag from the doorknob of my laundry room.  As I write this blog, I have 6 long tubes and 18 short ones.  I'm all set to tackle at least one of these projects . . . maybe more!

Kate DiCamillo
This Kate is the author of many award-winning books that you should most definitely read.  But I'm focusing in on her Mercy Watson series.  Why?  There's a few reasons, all equally important.  The tales of this "porcine wonder" are hilarious!  They are available in ebook format instantly on Hoopla!  The first book in the series is also one of the titles featured on My First Book Club, an "exciting new venture will showcase handpicked titles ideal for early readers alongside custom resources to help deepen children’s engagement with the books!"  [Are they also available on Libby?  Yes, yes they are.  Though you may have to place yourself on a waiting list.  You can also access them in Tumblebooks!  Click on the blue BOOKS rectangle on the main library page, then scroll down. You will need your library card number.]

I believe I can.  This needs to be our mantra as we try to forge a new path in the uncharted territory of this post-quarantine world.  It is also the title of the new picture book from the team that brought us I Am Enough.  Audiobooks of both titles are available on Hoopla.