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One City, One Book

One city brought together during extraordinary times to celebrate one book.

 Check out Texas Center for the Book at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission Great Read 2017, News of the World.

During this time of quarantine, we have been brought together as a city to help one another.  In order to provide an outlet for readers, we have chosen one book to celebrate as a city - together.  During the month of May, we will all read, discuss and celebrate News of the World by Pauletter Jiles.

The goals of "One City, One Book" is to build a sense of community and to promote literacy.  Check out our promotional video for One City, One Book!

All Hoover residents will be able to digitally check out a copy of the ebook from the Hoopla and Libby app.  To access these apps, go to the Apple App store or the Google Play store and download Hoopla and/or Libby.  By using your library card, you will login to use Hoopla and Libby to access the ebook.  (For questions on downloading, please email

Don't forget to join our Adult Summer Reading ongoing reading challenge.  Keep track of your reading and be registered for great prizes by creating a Beanstack account.  This "One City, One Book" challenge may only last from May 1 - May 31, but Adult Summer Reading lasts until July 31 with grand prize drawings on August 3.   Join the "Imagine Your Story" adult challenge by signing up with Beanstack!

News of the World is set in Texas in 1870 and offers a thrilling account of Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd and his travels from town to town giving readings from the latest newspapers. As he brings the news of the world to isolated towns on the Texas frontier, he is asked to return a once-captive girl to her relatives near San Antonio, 400 miles to the south. The old man and the 10-year-old start out on a dangerous journey, no less risky because the girl considers herself now a Kiowa and does not have the slightest desire to return to her family.

True Western:  Paulette Jiles wasn’t born in Texas, but she started writing novels set here as fast as she could.

Who was Britt Johnson, in real life?  (Britt brings Johanna to Captain Kidd to ask for transport.)


Paulette Jiles

Enjoy some biographical information about the author, Paulette Jiles.

From "Read Her Like An Open Book:  Celebrating literary fiction and memoirs by women," check out this interesting interview with Paulette Jiles about the writing of News of the World.


Paulette discusses her love for libraries...

  Paulette with horse


Library LoveFest:
“My respect for Paulette Jiles grows with every novel she writes, and News of the World is her best work yet . . . She writes with great clarity, understanding, and a forgiving heart.”
Nancy Pearl, librarian

“News of the World has everything. Stupendous writing, characters that get under your skin and burrow deep into your heart, great pacing, and an ending that makes you cry with joy and relief. . . . I feel sorry for the book I read next. News of the World is a hard act to follow.”
Janet Lockhart, Wake County Public Library, Raleigh, NC

”This Western is not to be missed by Jiles’s fans and lovers of Texan historical fiction."
Library Journal on News of the World

Map of Texas, circa 1880s

Camps of the Kiowa. At left, a painting by George Catlin depicts a Kiowa and Comanche encampment near the Red River of Texas which the artist visited in the 1830s. At right, a Kiowa camp, some 30 to 40 years later during the time in which the tribe was being moved onto reservation land. Photograph courtesy of the Center for American History, Frank Caldwell Collection (#10187), the University of Texas at Austin.  To find out more about the Kiowa people in Texas, check out this source.

The Kiowa Tribe

Want to get in the mood while reading News of the World?  We've created a Playlist through Spotify of songs that were popular at the time of the book.  You'll find gospel tunes, cowboy music and some old time folk ballads.  Enjoy!