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Ebooks and Downloadable Audiobooks

As part of our commitment to serving our community and providing access to new technology, we are very pleased to offer NOOK e-readers for check out and downloadable ebooks and audiobooks through OverDrive.

Check out a NOOK Simple Touch pre-loaded with popular titles!

We have nearly 100 NOOKS with titles for every age and every interest ready to go home with you for up to three weeks - just like our regular books! Each NOOK is assigned a subject or genre. We have NOOKS for fiction, nonfiction, popular YA titles and children's series. Simply search the catalog for "hoover and nook" and you will find a complete list. If the NOOK you wish to borrow is checked out, you can place a reserve on it and we will let you know when it is available.

Are you considering an e-reader for yourself or as a gift? Check out a NOOK first and see if you like it!

After signing a lending agreement, you will take your NOOK home in a padded bag that includes instructions for operation and a USB cord for charging.

OverDrive eBooks and Downloadable Audiobooks

Do you have an e-reader such as a NOOK, Kindle, iPad or a similar device? Would you like to read ebooks on your smart phone or computer? Would you like to download audiobooks to your MP3 player? Then use OverDrive to download a FREE book today!

Access the Jefferson County Library Cooperative's OverDrive collection at
OverDrive Ebook and Downloadable Audiobook Collection


Ebook News and Reviews

Consumer Reports "Rival e-readers get touchy" with ratings, February 2012

The New York Times now tracks ebooks on their weekly Best Sellers lists.

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Can't find an answer to your question here or on the OverDrive help site? Visit or call our eBook Desk on the Library Plaza and we will do our best to assist you. We can be reached at 444-7821.

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