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I no longer jump out of my car to get to wherever I'm going. I sit in front of my house listening to Emma Cline's debut novel, "The Girls" for entirely too long. With audiobook narrator Cady McClain, I am engaged from the first moment and very curious as to where the story of Evie is going. And I can guess that place is nowhere good. Although Evie Boyd is trying to live a semi-normal life in Northern California, she is haunted by her past as a part of a cult-like group that will ultimately become embroiled in violence. Evie is mesmerized by Suzanne, a free-loving older girl of mystery she meets in a park in the late 1960's. She follows Suzanne to become a part of a group of girls surrounding a charismatic leader named Russell. This much I know.

Jamie and Claire may have just wrapped up their second season in the STARZ Outlander TV series. I, of course, have to wait until the library receives the TV series on DVD (not coming soon enough)! However, the historical fiction series started by Diana Gabaldon back in 1991 lives strong. Season 2 follows Gabaldon's Dragonfly in Amber. If you are not aware of the book series, here is the series in order: Outlander (1991), Dragonfly in Amber (1992), Voyager (1994), Drums of Autumn (1996), The Fiery Cross (2000), A Breath of Snow and Ashes (2005), An Echo in the Bone (2009), and Written in My Own Heart's Blood (2013). Wow! If you have read the books and are scrambling for more, I do have some suggestions for you.

Called a "laugh-out-loud" novel of ambition and marriage and politics, Jennifer Close's "The Hopefuls" may bring a smile to those that want a break from the realities of the current election cycle. The story centers around Beth who follows her husband Matt first to Washington, D.C. and eventually Texas in pursuit of his political aspirations. At first she is willing to sacrifice everything but grows bored until the couple meet-cute another politically ambitious couple. Evangelical Ash and charismatic Jimmy become fast friends with Beth and Matt. After a time, however, Beth realizes that she's more attracted to Jimmy than her less-than-perfect husband Matt. Friendship, betrayal, hunger for power, young love -- all of MY ingredients for a great late summer beach read!!

Missing Will and Louisa from "Me Before You"? Jojo Moyes created memorable characters in the 2012 book and the movie released this year carried the legacy well. I was swept away by Louisa's transformation and how much I wanted to know more about her. Last year, the follow-up novel, "After You" carried the story forward. Personally, the sequel was as good as the original. I can highly recommend it. However, if you are like me and want EVEN more, I've got more titles that create wonderfully romantic and moving stories of unique individuals. All of these titles are found in the adult fiction section. First, Rowan Coleman brings us "We Are All Made of Stars" with thought-provoking and optimistic characters that we can all root for.

Originally set for release on September 13th, Doubleday set a precedent by shipping 200,000 copies of Colson Whitehead's newest blockbuster to bookstores in secret. One lucky recipient was Oprah Winfrey. Now Mr. Whitehead is getting the "Oprah bump," meaning it was selected as an Oprah pick for September. The Underground Railroad will be Whitehead's eighth and most highly anticipated novel. A recipient of a Whiting Writers' Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a MacArthur Fellowship, Whitehead was also a nominee for the Pulitzer Prize for his second novel, John Henry Days (2001). In the current novel, the author imagines that clandestine system of safe houses and secret routes as an actual "underground railroad".

We've got a long weekend to celebrate our nation's independence and honor those who have served our country. Of course, we will be taking advantage of a beautiful forecast, but what book will you be cracking open? Personally, I am eager to finish Louise Erdrich's "LaRose". I was introduced to Erdrich late with the spectacular book "The Round House". Now I am enjoying her latest release about an enigmatic boy who manages to both soothe and divide two families. Erdrich wields her spellbinding narrative magic in an emotionally haunting contemporary tale of a tragic accident and the fallout. I've got over half the book left, so I hope to finish before the fireworks start on Red Mountain! What book will capture your attention?

If you were lucky enough to come to Hoover's 2016 Southern Voices Festival, you were introduced to a new voice in Fiction writing, one Natalie Baszile. Her book, "Queen Sugar" is not only a pleasure to read, but will soon be coming to the small screen as a 14-episode television series on Oprah Winfrey's OWN channel beginning Tuesday, September 6, 2016. The series, starring Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe and directed by Ava DuVernay, follows two sisters that inherit their father's 800-acre sugarcane farm in Louisiana. Proudly showcasing wonderful African-American actors and directors, this series sounds like a drama worth adding to my to-watch list. If it's half as good as the book, it will be worth my viewing time!

I've been listening to the Matchcoats play the blues/folk/gospel today on the Hoover Library Plaza. What a way to spend a Sunday, especially working! Their music puts me to mind of the blues music of Mississippi John Hurt who was born in 1892 and passed way too soon in 1966. Born in Teoc, MS, died in Grenada, MS. You can find a lot of his music to download for free on Hoopla if you are a Hoover resident. Personally, I'm fond of "The Blues Effect". If you want a book to match your mood for Mississippi blues, check out the first in the Nick Traver's Mysteries by Ace Atkins entitled, "Crossroad Blues". Whether it's live music on the Plaza, downloadable music via Hoopla, or a good book to curl up with -- it's all available at your favorite library!!!