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Have you ever experienced the eerie feeling of being watched when actually you were supposed to be all alone? If so, you have this in common with almost an entire small town in Northern Maine. For nearly 30 years, residents of Rome, Maine experienced this feeling and attributed it, along with a constant string of strange break-ins, to someone they’d never seen and only known as The North Pond Hermit.

We live in a wonderful time where we have access to a seemingly unending supply of knowledge. While people are aware of the obvious amenities libraries have to offer, Hoover has some less well-known services such as Universal Class.

There are over 500 classes available to Hoover residents that can vary from dog training, event planning all the way to how to write short stories. These are high quality classes that allow you work at your own pace that have real instructors, exams and feedback. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available on many courses and most courses can be completed within 10 -20 hours. For now, they are only available to Hoover residents. Check Universal Class out today!

Every June, LGBTQ persons take time to celebrate their shared history and culture. Those who have bravely persevered for their civil rights and equal liberties are revered as pioneers and leaders, speaking for the voices of many whose own have been marginalized. At the Hoover Library, materials are available for learning about the history, as well as current topics, of the LGBTQ community.