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No, this is not the title of a 1950s schlock-fest movie; it is indeed happening in a garden very near you. On a late night walk with the dog, I noticed a couple of slugs on my back porch. This is not a big surprise since every morning I see the tell- tell signs of the slime they have left behind. I decided to go grab a flashlight and see just what these two slugs were up to— where they were headed, how long it took for them to get there and what they would do when they got there.

It’s that time of year when a lot of people start to plan their spring gardening projects. This season, consider starting a compost pile in your home or yard! Compost is made of recyclable materials that you might encounter every day, such as coffee grounds and filters, vegetable and fruit scraps, shreds of paper, dry leaves, and more. Over time, these materials breakdown and combined with some soil can become a valuable mixture for your garden. In addition to helping your green thumb, composting is environmentally sound and helps to reduce waste in landfills. Getting started with extreme recycling or composting would be a great weekend project to engage the whole family, but also is easy enough for one gardener to tackle alone.