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Written in a film noir style William J. Mann delivers a fascinating tale of murder, sex, and young Hollywood. Three film actress, one director, and more than four conspiracies about the why of his death. Mann’s research into this almost 100 year old murder is solid but the best part of the book is the writing style. Mann uses words to give the correct ambiance to the story. They are not movies but pictures, it is not a clue but a clew, and dozens of other little touches to give this book the feel of the twenties. Mann builds the story from the past of all the people involved then the night of the murder then moving into the slow future. He gives the reader perspective on both the murdered and those around him. This is an intellectual true crime noir that will move you.


It’s that time of year when a lot of people start to plan their spring gardening projects. This season, consider starting a compost pile in your home or yard! Compost is made of recyclable materials that you might encounter every day, such as coffee grounds and filters, vegetable and fruit scraps, shreds of paper, dry leaves, and more. Over time, these materials breakdown and combined with some soil can become a valuable mixture for your garden. In addition to helping your green thumb, composting is environmentally sound and helps to reduce waste in landfills. Getting started with extreme recycling or composting would be a great weekend project to engage the whole family, but also is easy enough for one gardener to tackle alone.


Insatiable Readers, a nonfiction book group, discussed titles related to "Labor Day: The Working Life" on Saturday, September 16.  The titles presented are listed below:

 Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker

First it was organic foods, then locally produced, in recent years the move towards using animal power in lieu of diesel for farm production has increased substantially.

Normally relegated to pioneer reenactments, animal power is making news (On Small Farms, Hoof Power Returns), even though they are generally seen as only feasible for small farms.

Check out the documentary, The Farmer and the Horse, for the ups and downs of using animal power.

We have an extensive collection of Christian nonfiction here at the Hoover Public Library. If you are looking for something from popular insipirational authors like Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, T.D. jakes, Gary Chapman, Anne Lamott or local author David Platt , we have what you need. If you are looking for classics from C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Billy Graham, we have those as well. We have books detailing the history of the Christian church and its various denominations, and ones on building the church of the future. We have books of prayers, hymns and daily devotionals. We even have books on dieting and nutrition from a Christian perspective!

The Magnolia Story is an endearing walk through Chip and Joanna’s journey to their Fixer Upper television show fame. Narrated by Joanna, and Chip too with his usual style of popping in and out, this book takes you to the start of their relationship, the first houses they flipped, and the beginnings of a new family. Though this book isn’t a behind-the-scenes of Fixer Upper, it tells everything that came before the show and gives you an interesting peek into their past. Joanna doesn’t leave out the hard times in their business or their relationships, as, with each challenge they conquer, a new one always seems to leap up. But through it all they share their philosophy for life and how they choose to thrive rather than survive.


The library’s Readers’ Group discussed Essays and Short Nonfiction on Saturday, October 21.The titles presented are listed below:

The Best American Essays series

In Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes, Elizabeth Bard captures the sights, sounds AND TASTES of Paris, the cultural challenges of an expat living in France and the angst of a Renaissance woman trying to find her place in a practical world. If you liked Eat Pray Love and Under the Tuscan Sun, you’ll love this delicious memoir!

Have you ever experienced the eerie feeling of being watched when actually you were supposed to be all alone? If so, you have this in common with almost an entire small town in Northern Maine. For nearly 30 years, residents of Rome, Maine experienced this feeling and attributed it, along with a constant string of strange break-ins, to someone they’d never seen and only known as The North Pond Hermit.