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I wanted to sneak in one final virtual field trip before school's out.  Our destination?  The farm!  It's a popular choice during normal field trip times.  Plus my mom is from farm country in Fulton County, Illinois.

I've always been kinda obsessed with words -- finding the right word, using unusual words, even making up words.  This began when I was a very little girl.  My dad loves to tell the story of how he would stand just out of my line of sight to listen to me playing.  I would speak as if I was reading aloud a script, saying things like " 'Oh, no!' she exclaimed" as my dolls had crazy adventures.  (My boss Jeremy claims I still do this.  He calls it narrating my life.)  Anyway, words are a thing with me.  And I love any and all games where words are important, like Scrabble and Boggle.  But I completely love, love, LOVE Mad Libs!

Today's blog was originally going to be about one awesome podcast I learned about during the lockdown.  Then I received emails with three other lists of equally amazing podcasts.  TIme to change the plan.  Luckily, I've become very adept at that during these last few weeks.

Remember Reading?
This is a monthly podcast from HarperCollins.  "In each episode, we rediscover one classic book, uncovering the unique story behind the story.  While sitting down with authors writing for today’s kids, we seek to find thematic parallels between books of the past and books of the present and deep dive into the special magic that makes a children’s book timeless." 
Recent episodes include discussions of:
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett (Katherine Paterson & Sara Pennypacker)
Monster by Walter Dean Myers (Tiffany D. Jackson)
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown (Mac Barnett & Loren Long)

Today is National Pizza Party Day!  Now this is a holiday worth celebrating!  Here's what you need to have the best NPPD ever!

1. You need pizza.
You can order some for delivery, grab a frozen one from the grocery store, or whip up your own -- like these octopus-shaped pizzas or pizza bagels.  Sometimes it's hard to decide what toppings to include, especially if you have a larger family with a variety of preferences.  These cute pizza order forms will help you get organized.  Don't want something savory?  Why not try mini fruit pizzas or a pizza with a watermelon crust?

This is the first in a short weekly blog series to help us kick off our imagination-fueled Summer Reading.  Each week I'll focus on ways you can take something very basic and turn it into something spectacular.  This week's focus is on cardboard tubes.  I live alone, but I'm often surprised with how many paper towel and toilet paper tubes I can collect.  And collect them I do!  I use them quite a lot in Story Lab.  Even though I wasn't able to finish out this season's Story Lab, I'm still collecting.  They hang in a bag from the doorknob of my laundry room.  As I write this blog, I have 6 long tubes and 18 short ones.  I'm all set to tackle at least one of these projects . . . maybe more!


Teen Services

Teen Volunteers

March 31, 2020
During this time of staying safe and distancing from one another the Hoover Public Library will not be accepting applications for teen volunteers.  We hope to bring back this wonderful program in the future.  As circumstances change and as we make plans for the future, we will update this page with new information as it is forthcoming.

We look forward to seeing you again and wish for the good health of all our citizens.

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