Fantasy Football

Week 1 RECAP

WOW! What a crazy first week we had in this first season of Books and Blitzes.

Please keep in mind there are four leagues fighting to see who will represent their league as their champion!  The champion of each league will have their overall season point totals compared to see who will be the first over all champ of the Hoover Public Library Books and Blitzes Fantasy Football League!

Our leagues are B and B Librarians (made up entirely of library staff), B and B Pros (made up entirely of City of Hoover employees), B and B All Stars (made up primarily of adults in the general public with three library staffers mixed in) and last but not least is B and B Rookies (made up primarily of kids in the general public with Miss Emma and myself playing along).

Week 1 Leaders

  • BAMA 84 is in first place in the Librarian League with 1 win and 145.06 pts
  • Book Club With Mahomies is leading the All Stars League with 1 win and 186.42 pts
  • The Goon Squad is leading a very talented Rookies division with 1 win and 149.72 pts
  • Slaughter House is dominating The Pros league with 1 win and 170.56 pts

Week 1 Undefeateds

  • B and B Librarians: The Hail Mary Shelleys, Run CMC, Librarian With a Dragon Tattoo, Tennessee Titan Fan, The Fault in Our Starters, A Team Has No Name and Deni and the Jets
  • B and B All Stars: Matt’s Team, Do Your Job, The Linebookers (Library Director Amanda Borden showing her skills), I am Helairious, Lockett Full of Kryptonite, Fresh Prince of Helaire, Dumpster Fires, Deep Aching Sense of Dread and Go for Two
  • B and B Pros: Tom Cats, Account Ants, Roll Tide, Who Dat and Kayla’s Team
  • B and B Rookies: Isaacs All Stars, Packers, Noell and Conrad Power Rangers, Wilson Warriors, The Producers, Audreys Team and Eli McManning

Good look in the weeks to come!

Let’s see if anyone can go undefeated like the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me at:

Book Recommedations


The League by John Eisenberg is a fantastic book about five of the early pioneers of the NFL.  George Halas, Art Rooney, Tim Mara, George Preston Marshall and Bert Bell each brought their unique talents together to take an unpopular product and make it into what we know and love as the NFL today.  This is a story more about how to take the best strengths of determined individuals and mesh them together to create something special.  It is amazing to follow the path from humble beginnings through the depression, expansion and much more to make the most dominant professional sport organization in the United States if not the world.

From Steve (Circulation Department)

NFL 100 (2019)

NFL 100 provides a look at the league from its beginning in 1920 up to last season.  With a foreward by Payton Manning that set me up to see the human side of my heroes, this book is a must see for any fan of any age.  There are vibrant photos interwoven with profiles of teams and individuals.  Chapters are neatly organized by decade.  I especially liked the details in the form of a timeline for each decade.  Each page is like its own short story, thus making it easy to read this book in stages.  Give this book a shot, you won’t regret it!

From Steve (Circulation Department)


Playing for Pizza by John Grisham is one of my all-time favorite fiction books.  First of all, it is JOHN GRISHAM okay?  Second it combines American Football and Italian culture, I’m in!  The story centers on a washed up third string quarterback who cost the Cleveland Browns a shot at the Super Bowl.  Desperate to continue his dismal career, Rick takes a roster spot with the Panthers.  Not the Carolina Panthers, but rather the Mighty Parma Panthers of Italy.  Needless to say Rick goes through many changes while playing for pizza.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

From Steve (Circulation Department)


Before the Ever After by Jacqueline Woodson is a book written in verse and it is about a boy whose dad used to play in the NFL and now is experiencing side effects of what we know today is CTE. It’s a great book about the relationship the boy has with his father as well as looking at football from a different perspective. It’s a quick read too, which is always nice!

From Miss Emma (Children’s Department)


Journalist Warren St. John sets out on the road to discover what is at the heart of fanatical fandom. What compels parents to skip their daughter's wedding because it conflicts with a game? What is it about sports that gets a minister to keep a television next to the pulpit during weddings? St. John, an Alabamian by birth, sets out in an RV with the diehard Crimson Tide fans that spend all season on the road in RVs travelling across the south in support of their team. Funny, insightful, and at times almost unbelievable, any diehard sports fan will recognize a little bit of themselves in the colorful cast of characters St. John finds on his journey. Though it's set among Alabama fans, its themes are universal regardless of sport or team allegiance.

From Joel (Fiction Department)