Jim Crow Must Go
Leanna Leithauser Lesley

Leanna Leithauser Lesley is a graduate of Auburn University with a B.A. in Art Education. Though she has used many mediums throughout her career, personal inspiration as an avid needlepointer and music lover has led her to her present fiber arts endeavor.<!--break--> She has dedicated the last sixteen years to creating stitched portraits and raising the awareness of needlepoint as an art form. She creates her own needlepoint designs with a unique ability to render the smallest detail, making faces of her subject of choice. She uses no patterns, but an image is stitched freehand into the canvas much as a painter renders using a needle as a brush and yarn as paint, making every creation one of a kind. Each piece is then personally hand sewn into a tapestry, furniture, a pillow, a purse or a framed piece.

Friends Gallery / Jan 1 - Jan 31, 2017
Plaza Gallery / Feb 1– Feb 28, 2017
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