Libby the Library Dog

Facility Dogs, like Libby, are working dogs specifically trained to help more than one person in a facility like our library. Unlike assistance dogs that serve one person, professionally trained facility dogs work with a handler to serve multiple people who need social interaction, recovery motivation, comfort, and/or a feeling of safety.

Sponsor Libby

Libby's care costs the library around $200 a month.  We'd love to have your help in taking an active part in caring for Libby. When you sponsor Libby, your gift helps provide food and welfare. Become a sponsor yourself or purchase a sponsorship for a relative or a friend. Make a one-of-a-kind present for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays, or special occasions. Remember, all sponsors and contributions are tax-deductible.


Certificate of donation


Certificate of donation &  photograph of Libby



Certificate of donation, photograph of Libby  and mini stuffed Libby


Certificate of donation, photograph of Libby, mini stuffed Libby and one-of-a-kind art made by Libby

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Frequently Asked Questions

Libby with her handler, Wendy.