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We have classes, guest speakers, special events and meet-ups catered to support and encourage all types of learning.


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Blog, News and Happenings

We're just a week away from our annual Halloween after-hours event!  We're celebrating all heroes at Halloween Heroes on Friday, October 27, 2017 at 7 p.m.  Dress up as your favorite hero, or give your Halloween costume a test run.  You can also come as your mild-mannered self.  This event takes over the entire library and draws around 1,000 people.  So here's a sneak peek to help you plan your night.

PAW PATROL HEADQUARTERS (Library Theatre level)
* Meet Skye and Marshall in the Library Theatre.
* Make a Pup Fire Hat and an emergency bracelet.
* Channel your inner firefighter as you Put Out the Fire and Rescue a Cat Up a Tree.
* The Hoover Fire Department will be joining us -- with a firetruck.  The Hoover Police Department Explorers will also be on hand.

MARVEL UNIVERSE (Fiction Department & Library Plaza)
* Join Ant-Man and Rocket Raccoon at our Ant-Man Picnic.  There will be "Hero" Sandwiches, Groot Fruit, Awesome Mix Vol. 1, Ant-Man Popsicles, and Rocket Fuel.
* Show off your moves with Star-Lord Peter Quill, Gamora, and Baby Groot at the Guardians of the Galaxy Glow Dance Party.
* Whack-A-Villain with Thor.
* Unleash your inner Hulk in two ways.  You can make a tasty dessert called Hulk Smash Puddin', and you can go wild in the Hulk Out Room.
* Keep your eyes peeled for Stan Lee.  He'll definitely be making a cameo.
* Spider-Man and Mary Jane will guide you through the Spidey Sense Obstacle Course.
* Turn a balloon into a Spider-Man head.
* Take a skyline selfie, a la Spider-Man.

* Have an official photo taken with Wonder Woman and Superman.
* Hang out with the DC Superhero Girls. 
* Tackle Target Practice with Harley Quinn and Batgirl. 
* Channel the Flash's speed in a Time Warp Obstacle Course with Supergirl.
* Make a Bumblebee headband and a Katana sword. 

LEGO BATMAN (Teen Department)
* Meet LEGO Batman.
* Demonstrate your master builder skills.
* Spatter paint a bat symbol.

* Airbrush tattoos and face painting


It's time for the second meeting of our newest book club!  Join Miss Traci and Miss Anna Beth for Book Bites this Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 3 p.m.  They will introduce elementary readers to some of their favorite titles that feature a Quest! (And, yes, a quest should always include an exclamation!)  No prior reading is required to be part of this book club., but you are invited to check out the books afterwards and read to your heart's content.  On top of having an opportunity to sample books, you will also have a chance to sample some snacks.  No registration is required for Book Bites.  Simply follow the stars through the Kid Zone to the Youth Program Room.