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Summer Reading is almost here, and the theme is music!  What a perfect time to take a look at our Kid Zone music collection!  We have so many great CDs to get you grooving this summer.  The music is shelved directly behind the Kid Zone's main desk.  It is divided into sections to make browsing a bit easier.

If it has a pink label on the side, it is a new CD.  Take a look to see what's fresh in the kiddie music industry.

Find your favorite Disney songs in this section.

Learn something new as you listen to fun songs.

Find music featuring your favorite non-Disney characters.

This is filled with classic kid tunes and movement CDs.

Find music to fuel your faith.

Listen to soothing music as you drift off to dreamland.

Discover amazing music from around the world featuring many different languages.

Find all the musicians we'll be having at the library this summer -- Roger Day, Rolie Polie Guacamole, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, and Koo Koo Kanga Roo -- plus your other favorite singers.

Listen to the songs from your favorite movies and TV shows.

Who doesn't love Kidz Bop?!

Prefer to listen to tunes online?  Take a look at our downloadable music collection via Hoopla.

Sometimes I'll notice a book trend that seems utterly random.  And one I've noticed recently is . . . robins.  Yep, the bird.  And since our music-themed summer reading is about to begin (and The Jackson 5 song Rockin' Robins has been stuck in my head), I decided to share this trend with you guys!

Robins!: How They Grow Up by Eileen Christelow
J  598.8  CHR
Robins are the most familiar and beloved of all birds, found throughout North America and celebrated as one of the first signs of spring. But there's a lot about them that most people don’t know! In this visually stunning picture book that features comic-book panels combined with painterly illustrations, Eileen Christelow tells the story of two young robins’ first year, and reveals plenty of little-known facts that are sure to captivate young naturalists.

A Round of Robins by Katie Hesterman
Mama's a skillful architect, constructing a sturdy nest, while Dad's a champion turf defender. And those hatchlings! Such fluffs of plump perfection!   Katie Hesterman's vibrant verse celebrates this awesome circle of bird life, as we follow a pair of robin parents from nest-building and egg-laying, to raising their hungry hatchlings, and finally sending off their flying fledglings. Sergio Ruzzier's brilliant, candy-colored art pays tribute to all these stages of a robin's life cycle, reminding us that while robins may be common, they are also extraordinary!

This Is the Nest That Robin Built by Denise Fleming
This cumulative collage picture book is from a Caldecott Honor recipient.  Robin is building a nest, and her friends are ready to help! The squirrel trims the twigs. The dog brings the string. The horse shares his straw. And then a surprise gatefold spread reveals how Robin knits them all together to make a safe and cozy home for her babies.