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With all that is going on in the world, sometimes you want your new book to be comforting and, dare I say, simple. A good "locked room" murder where you reach the ultimate conclusion just as the eccentric amateur detective proclaims that the butler did it. Those books were a mainstay from about 1911 until the mid-1930s. These "Golden Age" mysteries were not formulaic but captivating and brilliant in their portrayals of oddballs and misfits - frequently within the same family. Agatha Christie excelled in these types of mysteries, as did G. K. Chesterton and Edmund Crispin. These mysteries were puzzles to be pondered over a steaming cup of Earl Grey in your favorite reading corner.

August 12, 2020 is World Elephant Day!  The first step in protecting elephants and their habitat?  You guessed it -- reading books about these amazing creatures!  Here are some of my favorite newer titles.

Sunday, August 9th was National Book Lovers Day - but who needs just one day? Personally, I hardly ever stray from fiction. I am usually juggling a book-on-CD for my car, a downloaded e-book for my tablet (which goes everywhere), a hardback for my cozy reading spot, and a downloadable audiobook for my Iphone so I can accomplish more while mopping the kitchen! These suggested titles came from my co-workers but my favorite is currently The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate. Just imagine the families destroyed by the devastation of the Civil War and the Slave Trade? There was one attempt to reconnect souls by advertising "lost friends" (and family) through a newspaper taken by most black churches and houses of worship.