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I know what you're thinking.
Miss Katie Jane, you are taking this weird daily holiday thing too far.  There's no way you can have a book that goes along with National Dog Biscuit Day on February 23, 2017.  
You need to change your thinking.

Treat by Mary Sullivan 
This book introduces a roly-poly pooch who rides a roller-coaster of emotions as he prowls, scowls, and begs his way around the house in search of something tasty. “Treat. Treat! Treat? Treat!!” he telepathically beseeches the family toddler who’s munching on cereal, throwing in some balletic moves in hopes of impressing her. But the situation is nearly hopeless: the toddler is interested only in stuffing her own face, grandma and grandpa aren’t any help, the older sister is oblivious, and did the older brother really think a crayon drawing was what the dog was after? Exhausted and disgusted, the dog falls asleep on top of the laundry and dreams of treats—dreams that soon turn to nightmares. Sullivan has created quite a treat herself: a canine hero with a one-track mind and an endlessly expressive one-word vocabulary (aided by comically frenetic typography) whose approach to thwarted desire is, as any child will recognize, all too human. [from Publishers Weekly]

Marley Dias.  This is a name you need to remember.  She's the girl who, at age 11, loved to read.  But she became frustrated that none of the characters looked like her.  Where were the black girls?  She decided to do something about the dilemma.  She set a goal of collecting 1,000 books about black girls . . . and #1000blackgirlbooks was born.  This all happened last year.  Now, Marley is 12.  She has exceeded her goal and collected over 7,000 books.  And she's landed a book deal with Scholastic.  Click on any of the blue links to learn more about her major accomplishments.  Click here to access a resource guide for the books Marley has discovered and distributed.