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This is a blog I wrote before the COVID shutdown.  I decided to wait and post it sometime in the future, once the public had access to our physical collection again.  Well, curbside service starts today!  So I pulled this blog out to post.  And guess what I discovered?  We  have a copy of the ebook available on Overdrive!  I waited needlessly to tell you about illustrator Pete Oswald's solo picture book debut!  Read the interview on Let's Talk Picture Books before or after you dive into this near-wordless celebration of nature . . . and a day spent with dad.

I start working on the summer reading list in January.  The list usually includes titles and locations within the library.  This year I had decided to also create a few book cover lists that highlighted various parts of the long list.  I had completed most of the title list when the quarantine set in and everything about summer reading changed.  So here's what we have instead!

I used my work-at-home time to learn how to use a service called LibraryAware.  It allowed me to create some very fancy looking book cover reading lists.  Every title is available in our downloadable collections, either via Libby or Hoopla.  Since each list can only include a small number of books, I made a lot of lists.  I made 45 of them.  I told you it was a lot!  We'll be featuring them in a variety of ways all summer long, but I'm also going to assemble them all together in this blog post.  I hope you find many books you want to read!  I know I did!

Maybe you aren't satisfied with just doing summer reading.  Maybe you want to try your hand at summer writing, too!  Here are some resources to help you get your story started.