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April 22-29, 2017 is Money Smart Week.  The American Library Association partners with the Federal Reserve Bank to provide programming and resources that help members of our community better manage their finances.  And it is never too young to start!  There's a great new book to help you begin a money conversation with the young people in your life.  Take a look!

One Proud Penny by Randy Siegel, illustrated by Serge Bloch (2017)
E  737.4  SHE
A penny’s rough-and-tumble escapades lead to unexpected ends in Siegel and Bloch’s engaging picture book.  The protagonist penny’s journey begins in Philadelphia, where the United States Mint manufactures most U.S. pennies. “Born” in 1983, Siegel’s diminutive protagonist visits different parts of the U.S. spanning Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, “plus Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico,” and including a garage floor in Green Bay and a stamp machine in Ohio. Most of the time people just plain overlook this plucky one-cent coin. “I hated being alone and forgotten.” After the penny ends up in a jar with other unfortunate coins, it reminisces about the past, when things weren’t so expensive. Though Siegel’s text often dwells on the neglect and (comically overwrought) abuse inflicted on the penny-protagonist, the author does also appeal to the coin’s historical roots, sprinkling in moments of levity and informative goodness. (One marvelous spread even outlines the different metals used to create pennies throughout the years.) Luckily, Bloch’s off-kilter, at times almost grotesque, pen-and-Photoshop illustrations provide some much-needed chuckles, featuring various people and animals with contorted faces and wacky scenarios. Still, it’s all about the wonders of the penny, and Siegel’s protagonist proves an excellent ambassador. “Some folks think pennies are worthless, but I know we are worth a lot.” Here’s a book sure to convince some readers.  Worth every penny.

April 23-29, 2017 is National Sleep Awareness Week.  The National Sleep Foundation uses this week to remind Americans how sleep affects their daily lives and reinforces the many benefits associated with making healthy sleep habits a priority.  You can follow their campaign on Facebook and Twitter.  You can find many books at Hoover Public Library to help you learn more about sleep and its importance, both for you and for your kids.  Right now, I'd like to highlight a newer picture book that would be a good way to start the discussion with your child.

When the World Is Dreaming by Rita Gray, illustrated by Kenard Pak (2016)
Take a peek into the moonlit world of deer, rabbits, and other woodland creatures as they ready for a good night. The author Rita Gray poetically recounts their ordinary real-life resting places while revealing their anything-but-ordinary dreams.