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Juana Medina is the queen of turning delicious food into even more delicious picture books.  Her latest title focuses on dessert!

Sweet Shapes: A Forest of Tasty Shapes
In this delicious forest, the bears are made of rectangular brownies, the goldfinches are triangles of lemon tart, and the butterflies are oval jelly beans. What child could resist learning shapes from such delectable creatures as these?

Don't forget about this collage artist's other books!
1 Big Salad: A Delicious Counting Book and ABC Pasta: An Entertaining Alphabet can both be found in our picture book collection under E  MED.

There is a new interactive series in our nonfiction picture book collection.  (That's the section with light green spine labels.)  Each book teaches a key early-learning concept and offers numerous in-book scavenger hunts to show off the reader's knowledge.

An Alphabet Scavenger Hunt by Penelope S. Nelson
E  428  NEL

A Color Scavenger Hunt by Jenna Lee Gleisner
E  535  GLE

A Money Scavenger Hunt by Penelope S. Nelson
E  332  NEL

A Number Scavenger Hunt by Kerry Dinmont
E  511  DIN

An Opposite Scavenger Hunt by Penelope S. Nelson
E  428  NEL

A Pattern Scavenger Hunt by Kerry Dinmont
E  511  DIN

A Shape Scavenger Hunt by Kerry Dinmont
E  516  DIN

A Simple-Machine Scavenger Hunt by Jenna Lee Gleisner
E  531  GLE