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Storytime Allstars: It's Fall, Y'all!
Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 10:30 a.m.

Join me (Miss Katie Jane) as I celebrate the first day of fall with silly stories and songs about apples and autumn leaves.  We'll also watch a short movie about a ultra-prepared squirrel while we snack on something fall-tastic.  No registration required.  Simply follow the stars.

Kid Lit Coffee Break
Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 3 p.m.

Adults who love children's literature get a chance to relax and talk about books with me (Miss Katie Jane).  We'll also get to sample coffee, cookies, and brownies from East 59, the café in the library.  And there will be door prizes!  No RSVP needed.  Just follow the stars.

I was an Army brat, and I spent all of my childhood living very far away from my extended family.  To keep in touch, I wrote lots of letters.  Overseas phone calls were EXPENSIVE in the 80s, people!  And, even though keeping in touch is much easier in 2018, I still like to hand write letters to my friends and family.  But let's face it -- I am one of the few.  Let's reclaim the lost art of letter writing!  These books can help give you a jumpstart on this new undertaking.

Can I Be Your Dog? by Troy Cummings
Children will fall in love with Arfy, a sweet, homeless dog who wants a forever home. Arfy sends persuasive letters to different people in the neighborhood that list his many adoptable abilities. For example, he’s potty trained, he can fetch, and he will bark at intruders. What’s not to love? But no one wants to adopt Afry. Until he gets a heart-warming offer from someone unexpected…

Dear Dragon by Josh Funk
For a school project, George becomes pen pals with Blaise. Their letters back and forth share typical news about their lives. Just like typical pen pals, right? In a fun twist that readers have known all along, George and Blaise meet at a picnic and are surprised to discover that George is a human and Blaise is a dragon.

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt
Hilarious letters from individual coloring crayons express their many frustrations with Duncan’s crayon usage. Their concerns include (but are not limited to) being neglected, being used only to color certain objects, and being exhausted from overwork. What will Duncan do now that the crayons have explained their frustrations?

XO, Ox: A Love Story by Adam Rex
Older readers will appreciate the humor in this side-splitting exchange of letters between love-struck Ox and his crush, Gazelle, who does not return Ox’s affections. No matter what insults Gazelle writes back to Ox, Ox remains oblivious and devoted. Be sure to look closely at the illustrations’ details, especially at the end.

A Letter to My Teacher by Deborah Hopkinson
In this picture book, the narrator writes a letter to her second grade teacher to thank her for being a source of endless support and understanding when she was a student. She fondly recalls the patience with which her teacher approached her reading challenges and difficulty sitting still. The story serves as a sweet reminder to students that they can tackle the obstacles they face — and that their teacher is there to help.