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David Levithan's book is now a movie!  Every Day opens in theaters this weekend.  And it is not your every day romance.  The story follows 16-year-old Rhiannon.  She falls in love with a mysterious soul known as A, who appears as a new person by inhabiting a different body each day.  There are 15 different actors in the role of A, allowing the character to appear as male, female and transgender over the course of the film.   So, like I said, not your typical teen love story.  But A and Rhiannon must let themselves be seen for who they are.  They cannot be defined by what others think of them if they want to experience true love.  And I think everyone can relate to that.

Read an interview with the author from The Huffington Post.

When the first Rising Above book came out in 2016, I only heard one complaint about it: "Where are the women?!"  The Zuckerman family's newest release is the answer to that question.

Rising Above: Inspiring Women in Sports by Gregory Zuckerman with Elijah & Gabriel Zuckerman
(February 20, 2018)
A reader does not have to be a sports fan to be inspired by these compelling minibiographies of athletes who conquered considerable adversities to realize great achievements.Neglected by a single mother with alcohol and drug addictions, Simone Biles went to live with her grandparents and discovered balance beams and gymnastics mats, which set her on the path to Olympic glory. Serena and Venus Williams overcame racial barriers to become tennis legends. Elena Delle Donne battled Lyme disease while working to become a star WNBA player. Bethany Hamilton continued her career as a professional surfer after losing her left arm in a shark attack. The Zuckermans close with the dramatic story of gymnast Kerri Strug, who, despite a severe injury, executed a gold medal-winning performance in the 1996 Olympics that made her a national sports hero. Other athletes profiled include Mo'ne Davis, Carli Lloyd, Wilma Rudolph, Ronda Rousey, and Swin Cash. Whether it was racism, humiliation for their unique body types, or serious medical issues, all the athletes profiled overcame their imposing obstacles through fierce determination and, the Zuckermans are careful to note, with the help of coaches, counselors, mentors, and therapists. They all refused to blame others for their difficulties and accepted responsibility for their successes and setbacks, a lesson that is delivered firmly and naturally. An inspiring, empowering collection of true stories of perseverance and resolve. (from Kirkus Reviews)