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Library Memberships

Any resident of Hoover or Jefferson County can get a library card at the Hoover Public Library, free of charge. Patrons over the age of fifteen must show a driver's license with current address or a form of government issued photo ID and verification of current address (i.e., piece of mail, lease agreement, checkbook, bill statement, etc.). Children under fifteen must have a parent or legal guardian sign a responsibility statement. The parent or legal guardian must sign the application.

What You Need to Obtain a Membership

To be eligible for a Jefferson County Library card the patron must have a government issued picture ID and proof of local address. These needs can be met by a valid driver’s license with a current address or a combination of 1 from the identification column and 1 from the address column.

Identification Address
Passport Post marked piece of mail with patron’s name and current address
State issued ID Lease or deed with patron’s name and current address
Military ID Insurance card with name and current address
  Checkbook with current address
  Pay stub with current address

If the patron is a minor, their parents or guardian may assume responsibility for the card provided they meet the above criteria. If the patron is 18 or over, they must provide their own information.

Out-of-County Library Memberships

Non-residents may purchase cards for an annual fee of $50 dollars. These cards are issued in the applicant's name, but may be used by that person's entire family.

Visitor Memberships

Visitor cards may be obtained for a fifty dollar cash deposit. These cards allow you to check out a maximum of five items. The deposit will be returned when the books are checked in.

Business Memberships

Businesses located within Hoover or Jefferson County may obtain a library card which is valid to check out all materials. In order to apply, the head of the organization must be present with his/her government issued ID to make the request on company letterhead. This letter should list the head of the organization, who in turn will be responsible for all material checked out. The business owner will designate all individuals authorized to use the business account.

Checkout Information

Borrowing period for books, audio books, nonfiction videos, and music CDs and cassettes is three weeks. CD-ROMs check out for three weeks. Popular videos and Children's videos check out for seven days.

Late Charges

Video and DVD late charges are one dollar per day. All other late charges are twenty-five cents per day.


Automatic Renewals

As of August 1, 2018 any non-digital item checked out at a JCLC location will be renewed automatically at the end of its lending period.

You still can renew items manually by using My Account or by calling the library. There are a few exceptions. Items won’t be renewed if:

•Another patron places a reserve on that item
•The item has reached its maximum number of renewals (2 for most items)
•Your account has accrued $5.01 or more in fines
•If the item is not renewable
•Your account activity has been blocked
•The item is an eBook

You will be notified by the courtesy email notice that your item has been automatically renewed. If you do not receive courtesy email notices, you will not be notified. You will be alerted with the standard notice, however, when the item is overdue.

Lost/Stolen Library Cards

Please report lost or stolen cards to the library at once, you are responsible for every item checked out on your card. There is a three dollar fee for a replacement card. If you need more information about the library, call the Information/Circulation department at 444-7800. Also try our Frequently Asked Questions page, or our Help section.


  • Membership valid in all Jefferson County Libraries
    Check out up to 100 items at a time
  • Books, Music CD’s, Books-on-Tape, Books-on-CD, Playaways, Puppets, CD-ROMs, & Non-Fiction VHS Tapes/DVDs check out for 3 weeks
  • Popular DVDs and Video Games check out for 1 week. Limit 15 popular DVDs at a time
  • Renew materials for an additional 3 weeks from date of renewal, EXCEPT for VHS Tapes, DVDs, computer related books, and items with reserves
    Renewable materials can be renewed only once before the item must be returned for at least 24 hours

Late Charges (Library Fines)

  • Late charges are 25¢ per day for Books, Music CD’s, Books-on-Tape, Books-on-CD, Playaways, Puppets, and CD-ROMs - $5.00 maximum
  • Late charges are $1.00 per day for DVDs, VHS Tapes and Video Games - $10.00 maximum
  • Replacement library cards are $3.00
  • Late charges can be paid at the circulation desk. Call 205.444.7800 for more information. 
  • Late charges can also be paid online.
  • We do not accept replacement materials for lost or damaged items, only the replacement cost.