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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All classes and materials are provided at no cost.
Yes, you can! Joining both the in-person and virtual classes will give you an opportunity to practice each week. There are different teachers and textbooks for the two classes, so you will learn something new each time.
No. You do not need a library card to attend classes. Classes are free for everyone.
Yes. Registration is required for all classes. You may register online here or by calling the library at (205) 444-7840.
Valid email addresses are required and are the primary way we stay in touch. For the virtual classes, the link to each class will be sent to your email. If a class is cancelled or there is something you need to know, we will send you an email. We will never send you anything not related to English classes.
Though it's recommended to get the most out of the program, you do not have to attend all classes. You may attend classes as your schedule allows. Please do not register for classes if you do not plan on attending.
Beginner and Level 1 classes are recommended for participants with little knowledge of the English language. There will be a placement exam given before your first class and regularly throughout the year. If one class is too easy or too hard, you are free to move to the other class.
No, we do not provide childcare. The library has wonderful resources for people of all ages if you'd like to bring a friend or family member to help keep your child occupied while you are in class. If not, the virtual class might be a great option for you!