HPL Galleries 

Friends and Plaza Galleries

These two exhibition spaces serve as the primary galleries for the exhibitions program. Utilized jointly, they house our monthly visiting artist exhibitions. Each exhibition shows for one month in the Friends Gallery that is adjacent to the Library Theatre and then rotates up to the Plaza Gallery that is located in the center of the Library. 

Friends Art Gallery

Southern Voices Gallery

This gallery is home to our permanent collection that was built from the Library's Southern Voices Festival. The collection contains the work of past Southern Voices Fellowship recipients and is also an additional exhibition space that is utilized for the annual Southern Voices exhibition.

Southern Voices Art Gallery

George P. Farmer Gallery

The Farmer gallery is primarily our submissions gallery, where local artists can show their work, but it is also utilized to collaborate with arts educators and students. A large portion of our visual arts exhibitions program also involves partnering with outside arts and education organizations and we have worked in the past with educators at the University of Alabama, Birmingham; Montevallo, Paperworkers Local; The Alabama School of Fine Arts and The University of Alabama.

City Hall Gallery

The gallery at City Hall serves as a bridge to the heart of the Hoover arts community and this exhibition space is primarily utilized to exhibit the work of Hoover and Jefferson County residents, and artists that have deep roots in the Alabama arts community. Recent artists that have exhibited at the City Hall Gallery are Bob Shelton, Professor Emeritus of Birmingham Southern College; Lowell Vann, Professor Emeritus of Samford University; Quilters of Gees Bend; and Dee Falls and Christi Bunn of the Hoover Arts Alliance.

City Hall Art Gallery