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University of Montevallo Printmaking Department

University of Montevallo Printmaking Department

Rebekah Scholl, Behemoth, Toner-wash lithograph, 2017

Printmaking is one of eight areas of concentration for art majors at Montevallo. The program offers introductory and advanced classes in relief, intaglio, lithography, and screen printing. This exhibition features work from students in Art 430: Lithography. The work is done from aluminum plates that are drawn with a variety materials made specifically for the litho process. These tools are similar to grease pencils and crayons for dry drawing techniques and wash effects are created using brushes with a fluid medium called tusche, similar to India ink. After drawing, the image is processed with a mild acid etch suspended in a gum Arabic solution, which helps establish the image in the printing plate. After the etch, plates are printed using a lithography press: with the plate secured to the press bed, it is first sponged with water then rolled with oil-based printing ink, paper is placed on top and then run through the press to make a transfer of ink to paper. This inking process is repeated for each additional print in the edition. Lithography is valued as a printing process because of its sensitivity to the hand of the artist in capturing the signature effects of the image, while producing a rich velvety black and full tonal range on the paper ground. It is also used for a wide range of color and photographic effects.

Artists: Taylor Atkinson, Matthew Dobbs, Morgan Gray, Erica Lewis, Mackensie Sandlin, Rebekah Scholl, Sara Scott and Britt Terrell