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I first became interested in mythology when my sister and I received Daughter of Earth by Gerald McDermott, a gorgeous picture book about Pluto tricking Proserpina with three pomegranate seeds.  Pretty soon, I was an expert in both Roman and Greek gods, goddesses, and monsters.  Rick Riordan's books have done an amazing job of sparking a similar obsession in today's youth.  He continues to explore both Greek and Roman mythology in his newest Heroes of Olympus title, coming Tuesday, October 8, 2013.  In The House of Hades, Percy and the other demigods must venture into the Underworld and

October is a month devoted to things that go bump in the night -- monsters under the bed, ghosts in the attic, and bats in the belfry.  I prefer nocturnal animals to unexplained phenomena, so let's focus on the bats.  If you're batty for chiroptera, swoop through the shelves for these books.  Practice your echolocation skills while you search.  It might help.

The Bat by James V. Bradley
Bats by Elizabeth Carney
Bats by Michael George
Bats by Ann Heinrichs
Bats Are Night Animals by Joanne Mattern
The Bat's Cave: A Dark City by Joyce Markovics

The fourth and final book in Jon Scieszka's Spaceheadz series came out today.  If you are already one of the 3.14 million Spaceheadz, I know this is stellar news.  If you have no idea what in the world I'm talking about, I have one word for you -- aliens.  Wait!  I have four more words for you -- Major Fluffy the hamster.  Hmm, I thought that would do the trick.  Find all four cleverly-named books in the Kid Zone at Hoover Public Library.
Spaceheadz Book #1!
Spaceheadz Book #2!
Spaceheadz Book #3!
Spaceheadz 4 Life!
(Ok, I admit it -- we don't have this one on the shelf yet.  But it's coming soon!)

For several years now, Hoover residents have been able to access free online language learning services through the Hoover Public Library and Mango Languages.  Mango teaches practical conversation skills for real communication.  It's fast, easy, and effective.  However, it is not for kids.  That is why Mango Languages has partnered with Little Pim, a program designed specifically to introduce new languages to very young children (ages 0-6).  The interactive online version of Little Pim uses a lovable animated panda and features native speakers, excellent pacing, activities, and

I cannot believe that Ivy and Bean have remained friends long enough to star in 10 books! They are as different as can be! Guess that proves that opposites attract. In the duo's newest release, Ivy and Bean Take the Case, Bean has been inspired to become a detective.  She's sure she'll be able to solve even the most mysterious of mysteries.  And, if she can't find any, she knows her assistant Ivy will help her make some.  Find all of their adventures in the First Chapter Book section of the Kid Zone.
1. Ivy and Bean
2. Ivy and Bean and the Ghost That Had to Go
3. Ivy and Bean Break the Fossil Record
4. Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter
5. Ivy and Bean: Bound to Be Bad
6. Ivy and Bean: Doomed to Dance
7. Ivy and Bean: What's the Big Idea?
8. Ivy and Bean: No News Is Good News
9. Ivy and Bean Make the Rules
10. Ivy and Bean Take the Case